Oct 272012

The Last Reef recently opened at the Imax Victoria cinema in Victoria B.C, and garnered this review in the Times Colonist newspaper.

"As far as jaw-dropping imagery goes, The Last Reef is hard to beat as it effectively parallels behaviour in these heavily populated "cities beneath the sea" with bustling urban centres - notably New York, captured with dazzling time-lapse photography."

"What differentiates The Last Reef, even this non-3D version, is D.J. Roller's brilliantly rendered underwater macro footage of iridescent corals and sea creatures that could be aliens in sci-fi movies. Highlights include its up-close-and-personal clouds of jellyfish, undulating wafer-thin flatworms, stingrays, giant clams and that amazing, eye-popping nudibranch."

"The film's hypnotic score composed by Cresswell and McNicholas at times recalls a Phillip Glass score in overdrive. It brilliantly heightens the drama, driving home the message that changes in human behaviour can alter this undersea fate."

Read Michael D.Reid's whole review on the Times Colonist