Apr 212012

In January of last year, whilst we were still in post production, Wired magazine featured an item on our groundbreaking (water-breaking??) 3D underwater beam splitter rig, devised especially for the twin projects of The Last Reef and Great White Shark 3D by master underwater director of photography, D.J.Roller...

The article features images from the movie, but most importantly some images (such as the one below) taken by Kevin Davidson, a wonderful underwater stills photographer who was heavily involved in the Palau shoot. At the time he was based in Palau, so acted as guide for the recce trip, and assisted on the shoot, helping find most of the amazing creatures (and locations) you see in the movie. You can visit his website to see more of his amazing images..

Photo by Kevin Davidson

Even further back, during NAB 2009, Filmcast Entertainment's blog had an article/interview with D.J. about our underwater rig, which you can still read here.


 April 21, 2012