• Reefs and Climate Change

    There’s been a lot in the news lately which pertains to reefs and climate change, so here are a few links for anyone who has […]

  • ReefNewsOct2013

    After several successful screenings at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film festival and some interesting Q&A sessions with locals of all ages, we thought it was […]

  • Palau’s World Heritage

    Palau makes World Heritage list! Palau’s Rock Islands Southern Lagoon has recently made UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This is especially poignant for The Last Reef, […]

  • Caribbean Reefs Face Collapse

    A new article in The Guardian quotes a report by 36 scientists from 18 countries, the “Tropical Americas Reef Resilience Workshop”, released by the Smithsonian […]

  • Coral Sperm Bank

    Another New York Times article today, this one more positive, about the work of scientist Mary Hagedorn at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology: she […]

  • World Without Reefs

    Following on from the declaration of a “state of emergency”, Roger Bradbury had this to say in the New York Times Opinion Pages: “IT’S past […]

  • State of Emergency

    Dramatic headlines from Australia: Scientists Declare State of Emergency for World’s Coral Reefs “CAIRNS, Australia, Jul 10 2012 (IPS) – Coral reef scientists urged local and […]

  • Ocean of Life

    Professor Callum Roberts, whose book “An Unnatural History of the Sea” was such an influence on the film makers during production of Wild Ocean 3D […]

  • Coral Reef Life Savers

    One of the key reasons so many people got behind the idea of saving the rain forests was the notion that a cure for cancer […]

  • Sea Cucumbers to the Rescue?

    An article in International Business Times (not our usual source of science news) has the extremely positive headline: Coral Reefs Saviour Found: Sea Cucumbers can […]