Ocean Acidification

Times Square, NYC


WITH 300 TONS of anthropogenic CO2 dissolving into the sea every second, coral, shell and bone is beginning to crumble as our oceans become more acidic.

The effects of agriculture and industry could be as devastating in geological time as the massive volcanic eruptions of the Triassic, or the asteroid impact of the Cretaceous.

What we do in our cities, has devastating repercussions on these cities beneath the sea, however distant they may be.

Reefs are vanishing at an alarming rate: 90% of Caribbean reefs have already disappeared. Scientists are now predicting all the world's coral reefs could be gone within our lifetime. Coral Reefs could be the first complete ecosystem to die as a result of man's global activities...

There could be a domino effect upon the rest of the oceans habitats, and ultimately upon ours too...

Are our disappearing reefs the canary in the mineshaft for the global ecosystem?

What would it mean to us if one of these vibrant wonderlands were to become the last reef?

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