Oct 152013

After several successful screenings at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film festival and some interesting Q&A sessions with locals of all ages, we thought it was time for a round up of the latest reef news... since the film was completed 2 years ago, has there been any change in the projected fortunes of the world's reefs?

Overall, the answer appears to be a resounding no...

Take this article from the Guardian in late August, about the upcoming IPCC report and the 'Inhospitable Oceans' report:

'Rapidly rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are causing a potential catastrophe in our oceans as they become more acidic, scientists have warned... However, the process of acidification takes decades and the worst effects on some species could still be avoided if emissions are urgently reduced. "The ocean is changing already, mostly due to temperature – acidification will exacerbate those effects," Poertner said.'

Another Guardian article, last week adds:

'In the starkest warning yet of the threat to ocean health, the